The Sutton Concept

Kat’s creative journey with Sutton Stracke, a star from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," began in 2015 culminating in the launch of "The Sutton Concept" in West Hollywood. A highlight of her work includes the grand opening of Sutton's boutique. In collaboration with interior designer Brittany Johnston, they crafted the Cherokee Rose pattern, now a signature element of the Sutton brand. This unique design was inspired by original watercolor paintings of Georgia's state flower, the Cherokee Rose, created by Kat herself. The pattern not only became a central part of the store's branding but also complemented other personalized features, such as the logo, which incorporates Sutton's father's handwriting. Kat's artistic direction extended to the full spectrum of the brand's identity, shaping the color palette, selecting fonts, and designing additional brand assets, ensuring a cohesive and resonant brand experience.

West Hollywood Store Opening

Pop-up Shop, Augusta, Georgia