Our Story

Meet Kat McCall

We believe your moments should be marked with thoughtful, intentional, and beautiful artwork, quality paper, and stunning designs.

Mark the Moment

Invitations have always loomed large in Kat McCall's life. As a child, she would issue invitations to the friends and neighbors she shared a school bus stop with, urging them to join her for a communal breakfast on the corner. 

Later, as she found her footing as a photographer, sculptor and eventually a painter, she continued to foster that love of encouraging people to gather, to celebrate and to make memories together. It serves as the inspiration for her art – bright botanicals, lush landscapes and striking abstracts – as well as her business.

“I believe that everyone is unique and special. It’s what makes us interesting and discovering what makes one another special is how relationships are formed. It is, quite simply, how we connect. That is how I choose to approach life and how, through Kat McCall Papers, I approach business.

While the cards, invitations and art are the product, what I really strive to provide is a service - a means for people to engage in a way that feels meaningful, beautiful and intentional. I strive to make art that is unique and resonant, that reflects the sender. That’s when an invitation stops being merely a time and place and becomes an offer to share.”