Pigment. Water. The human hand. The variables remain the same. The sum total of the parts does not.

Creating unique and distinctive custom products is one of our very favorite things to do! We love meeting with our clients, hearing their enthusiasm and thoughts for their special project, and then taking those ideas and creating art which speaks to their moment. Custom and semi-custom art is an investment.


It all starts with an initial meeting; sometimes via phone/Zoom call or in-person, to understand the nature and general details of your project. In this initial meeting, we are looking forward to hearing your vision and dream for your project. We will ask questions and/or have you complete a questionnaire. The answers to these questions, combined with your vision, will help us create an estimate for the project.

You will receive your estimate via email. Please feel free to ask questions and take time to review your estimate, you are not committed until you sign on the dotted line approving the estimate. If you are ready to move forward, you can secure your spot on our calendar by accepting the estimate with a 50% deposit. We will then place you on our calendar and will let you know dates of when you can expect your project to be actively worked on.

When the dates arrive for your project, it is moved into the development phase, and Kat begins to delve into your project and begin the paintings. At this point, Kat might have questions to clarify ideas. Once the paintings are finished and scanned, we begin the layouts for the products you are interested in. You will receive layouts via email for feedback, and we begin the approval process.

Upon final approval, your project will go into production. The custom process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 months, it all depends on what art is selected, how many products are being created, readiness on your part to provide text and feedback, and turn-around times at the printing/production facility.

If you are interested in Semi-Custom or Custom projects, please contact the Design team via email,