Mimi Couture

Mimi Couture, a bespoke fabric and wallpaper company, was born from the creative collaboration between Kat and her interior designer friend, Brittany Johnston. Drawing inspiration from their grandmothers, both affectionately named Mimi, they craft unique designs from Kat's watercolor paintings. Their inaugural collection, influenced by the natural beauty of Georgia's Altamaha River region, gained acclaim at the prestigious New York Botanical Gardens Orchid Dinner, where they showcased their artistry through an exquisitely designed table setting.

The Orchid Dinner, Plaza Hotel, New York City, New York

The Sutton Concept

Mimi Couture has indeed made a significant contribution to The Sutton Concept brand by designing, creating, and producing the iconic Cherokee Rose pattern. This pattern, synonymous with the brand, is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Brittany and Kat, who transformed Kat's original watercolor paintings into stunning textiles and wallcoverings for Sutton Stracke's boutique. The Sutton Concept, envisioned by Sutton Stracke, known from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," reflects a blend of fashion, art, and design, offering an ever-evolving collection of unique pieces. The grand opening in West Hollywood was a notable event, marked by the presence of the designers and captured by Bravo's cameras, adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to the boutique's launch. The Cherokee Rose pattern stands as a subtle nod to Southern roots while exuding timeless elegance, contributing to the boutique's distinctive aesthetic that combines modern regency and art deco elements.